COOLMaps: Process Mapping for Management

COOLMaps Key Advantages and Features:

COOLMaps are so visually creative and unique that they are one of the only process maps which have been awarded an US Patent! COOLMaps are provided to clients through COOL Ventures, LLC, a part of the IMAG Group. Key features:

  • Instant understanding of complex, multi-level process by viewers with all levels of sophistication
  • Complete horizontal and vertical views of process
  • Extreme Navigation ease
  • Unlimited content
  • Automated “Wizard” Map Creation
  • Scalability
  • Wizard creation tools for rapid production
  • Web portal delivery (freeing the need for your institution’s IT/Systems area time and support!)
  • Unlimited simultaneous viewer access
  • Version Control
  • Extensive Security
  • Detailed View Administration and Permissioning module
  • Extensive Reporting Capabilities, including integrated email
  • Process Management and Workspace design to organize large groups of maps
  • Extensive Issue and Remediation Logs and Project Management Tools
  • Audit and Examination Reporting Functionality
  • Vivid Presentation quality: wide range of colors, formats, designs, templates
  • Unlimited ability for display and hyperlinking of documents and attachments
  • Compatible with COSO and Basel
  • Robust search engine
  • …the list goes on!!